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Water Absorbing Pleated Filter Elements GNG-412-5PL

Water Absorbing Pleated Filter Elements GNG-412-5PL
Product Detailed
Water Absorbing Pleated Filter Elements Replacments Facet filter Best Qulity and Best Price! Supply Sample for test! GNG-412

 Water Absorbing Pleated Filter Elements

RLWA series cartridges are designed for removal of water and particulates from petroleum products.  Royal water absorbing elements protect equipment in systems where the presence of water is harmful or undesirable.  These cartridges alert the operator to the need for cartridge change through  a rapid rise in differential pressure as the cartridge becomes saturated with water.

RLWA elements are ideal for use in lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, and fuel systems.  They can also be used in portable fluid conditioning equipment and filters.  Elements are available in sizes to replace existing filter cartridges.


Absorbs free standing and emulsified water to less than 5 ppm 75 PSI pressure differential rating250° F maximum operating temperature Special water absorbing filter mediaRemoves particulate alsoAs element removes water, pressure drop increases Tin plated steel spiral formed center tubesBuna N gaskets standardWide selection of micron ratingsCartridges are available in a variety of diameters and lengths and we offer replacements for the following manufacturers.**Cartridges Sold In Full Case Quantities Only**

Replacements for: BannerC & M FiltrationFacetFilterdyne


 MurphyNugentRefilco Velcon 

*** Make Sure That You Have The Proper Part Number*** If you are not sure about the proper part number please call and we will do the cross reference for you. EFI Part # Manufacturer Manf. Part Number RLWA-718-05T C & M FILTRATION CM-618-569 RLWA-736-05T C & M FILTRATION CM-636-636 RLWA-736-05TV C & M FILTRATION CM-636-636V RLWA-310-05 FACET GNG-210-5PL RLWA-412-05 FACET GNG-412-5PL RLWA-512-05 FACET GNG-512-5PL RLWA-512-25 FACET GNG-512-25PL RLWA-614-05 FACET GNG-614-5PL RLWA-718-05 FACET GNG-718-5PL RLWA-718-05 FILTERDYNE FE-618-434 RLWA-718-05 FILTERDYNE FE-618-459 RLWA-718-05T FILTERDYNE FE-618-569 RLWA-718-1/2T FILTERDYNE FE-618-1132 RLWA-736-05 FILTERDYNE FE-636-782 RLWA-736-05T FILTERDYNE FE-636-636 RLWA-736-05TV FILTERDYNE FE-636-636V RLWA-310-5 FLUITEK AB 3010-25LX RLWA-512-05 FLUITEK AB 5012-05SX RLWA-512-05 FLUITEK AB 5612-05L RLWA-718-05 FLUITEK AB 6018-5S3 RLWA-718-05 FLUITEK AB 6318-5L3 RLWA-718-05 FLUITEK AB 6318-5LX3SP RLWA-718-1 FLUITEK AB 6018-1L3 RLWA-718-1/2 FLUITEK AB 6318-05L3 RLWA-718-5 FLUITEK AB 6018-5L3 RLWA-736-1 FLUITEK AB 6036-1L3 RLWA-310-1/2-3 HILCO PD310-12-C RLWA-310-1-3 HILCO PD310-01-C RLWA-310-3-3 HILCO PD310-03-C RLWA-511-1 HILCO PD511-01-01ZXOF RLWA-511-1 HILCO PD511-01-02ZXOF RLWA-511-1 HILCO PD511-01-C RLWA-511-1/2 HILCO PD511-12-01ZXOF RLWA-511-1/2 HILCO PD511-12-02ZXOF RLWA-511-1/2 HILCO PD511-12-C RLWA-511-3 HILCO PD511-03-01ZXOH RLWA-511-3 HILCO PD511-03-02ZXOH RLWA-511-3 HILCO PD511-03-C RLWA-618-1/2-3 HILCO PD718-12 RLWA-618-1/2-3 HILCO PD718-12-05OXOF RLWA-618-1-3 HILCO PD718-01 RLWA-618-1-3 HILCO PD718-01-05OXOF RLWA-618-3-3 HILCO PD718-03 RLWA-618-3-3 HILCO PD718-03-05OXOH RLWA-718-1 HILCO PD718-01-04ZXOF RLWA-718-1 HILCO PD718-01-C RLWA-718-1 HILCO PD718-01-CN RLWA-718-1/2 HILCO PD718-12-04ZXOF RLWA-718-1/2 HILCO PD718-12-C RLWA-718-1/2 HILCO PD718-12-CN RLWA-718-1/2-1 HILCO PD718-12-03OXOF RLWA-718-1/2-1 HILCO PD718-12-CR RLWA-718-1/2-1 HILCO PD718-12-CRN RLWA-718-1-1 HILCO PD718-01-03ZXOF RLWA-718-1-1 HILCO PD718-01-CR RLWA-718-1-1 HILCO PD718-01-CRN RLWA-718-3 HILCO PD718-03-04ZXOH RLWA-718-3 HILCO PD718-03-C RLWA-718-3 HILCO PD718-03-CN RLWA-718-3-1 HILCO PD718-03-03ZXOH RLWA-718-3-1 HILCO PD718-03-CR RLWA-718-3-1 HILCO PD718-03-CRN RLWA-330-5 JONELL JPMWA 26295-5 RLWA-512-1 JONELL JPMWA 512-1 RLWA-629-5 JONELL JPMWA 629-5 RLWA-718-1 JONELL JPMWA 718-1 RLWA-718-5 JONELL JPMWA 718-5 RLWA-730-5 JONELL JPMWA 730-5 RLWA-736-5 JONELL JPMWA 736-5 RLWA-518-05 KAYDON A910135 RLWA-518-05 KAYDON KD 4518-6NS RLWA-718-05 KAYDON A910108 RLWA-718-05 KAYDON KD 6018-5 RLWA-718-05 KAYDON KD 6018-6NS RLWA-718-05 KAYDON KQD 6018-5 RLWA-736-05 KAYDON A910138 RLWA-736-05B-H KAYDON KD 6036-6NS RLWA-718-5 NUGENT 01-388-021 RLWA-730-5 NUGENT 01-388-023 RLWA-718-05 RACOR - BANNER FW-618-05 RLWA-718-1 RACOR - BANNER FW-618-01

Water Absorbing Pleated Filter Elements GNG-412-5PL

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